Bundle of 5 Promotion

Mix and Match any 5 products from these Collections below and get a 15% Discount off the Total Price Now!

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~ Aralyn Printed Raya Edition Instant Shawl By Saifash (New Longer Coverage!)
~ Aralyn Plain Instant Shawl By Saifash (New Arrival!)
~ Mysara Instant By Nyleascarf (New Arrival!)
~ Luna Bawal Instant By Radiusite (New Arrival!)
~ Luna Bawal Printed Instant By Radiusite (New Arrival!)
~ Arumi Double Loop Basic By Radiusite (New Arrival!)
~ Authentic Chiffon Shawl by Duchess CPG
~ Raesa Bawal Express
~ Aadiva Luxe Square Satin By Saifash
~ Aralyn Moss Instant Shawl By Saifash
~ Aralyn Premium Printed Instant Shawl By Saifash
~ Instant Sorga Shawl By Duchess CPG
~ Big Urban By Maryam Khadijah
~ Khimar Umrah By Ilham Muslimah


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